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Teaching and Learning

At Mayfield Grammar School our aim is the development of students to become part of a community where courtesy and co-operation create an atmosphere in which all students thrive. Students are an integral part of their own learning. As teachers we should equip them with skills to become resilient and independent students who can approach unfamiliar challenges with confidence and intellectual curiosity. The school rightly values teachers being able to develop their own style, but there are some strategies which consolidate and extend existing good practice 

The following teaching and learning strategies are used to promote active learning, using higher order skills.  These might include: 

  • Informative, lively, well-structured exposition or explanation. 
  • Targeted questioning which probes students’ knowledge and understanding and challenges thinking. 
  • Challenging discussion. 
  • Practical activity, investigation, testing and problem solving which deepens knowledge and develops higher order thinking skills. 
  • Different organisational strategies including students working alone, in pairs or small groups or as a class.  Staff should interact in group work to challenge thinking, focus work and maintain pace.  
  • Opportunities for risk taking by the students. 
  • Opportunities for knowledge retrieval.  
  • Promotion of a no-opt out approach to questioning.  

 Teachers aim to enable students to:  

  • ensure that they understand how they learn and how they can improve. 
  • develop systems which enable them to be effective learners who regularly review their subject content. 
  • develop opportunities for retrieving previous skills and knowledge across the curriculum. 
  • develop their own creativity, resourcefulness and enquiry skills so that they can identify and solve problems, develop thinking skills and communicate in a variety of ways. 
  • develop skills that enable them to work independently both inside and outside of the classroom. 
  • be confident, have a sense of self-worth and personal identity and who relate well to others. 

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