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Sixth Form

External Applications to the Sixth Form

External Year 11 Students from other schools applying to MGSG should use the Applicaa online system only and send applications between Friday 8th December 2023 and Friday 9th February 2024. If you applied to us via Applicaa before the deadline but have not heard from us for a while please bear with us, we are working through the applications and will get back to you with our decision and advice as soon as we can. We will continue to send messages via Applica so please logon from time to time to check if we need some additional information from you.
Applications to join our Sixth Form, via Appliccaa, can be made via this link: Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend (applicaa.com)

Please note that you should use an e-mail address that you check regularly as the Applicca system will contact you with updates about your application.

Applications after 9th February 2024

Students who are interested in applying to Mayfield Grammar School for Sixth Form but have missed our application process can contact us once they have their GCSE results in August. We suggest you phone reception or visit the school after the publication of GCSE examinations results in August and ask to make an appointment to discuss your application with the Sixth Form team. You need to call 01474 352896 extension 433 or email enquiries@mgsg.kent.sch.uk for the attention of Mrs Theobald re Sixth Form applications. Please check you have met our entry criteria for the subjects you want to study and read our Options Booklet under the Sixth Form tab on our website for our general entry criteria. If you meet our criteria, please get in touch, and bring your original documents for GCSE Results Summary and Birth Certificate as ID when you are offered an appointment.

Overview of the Sixth Form

We believe our Sixth Form provides a caring environment where courtesy and co-operation create a stable atmosphere in which students can thrive. We endeavour to create a Sixth Form environment where individuals aspire to achieve the highest academic standards of which they are capable. Students have greater responsibility for their own studies, and we encourage independence whilst ensuring individual talents and leadership qualities are developed. A commitment to study and a willingness to make a positive contribution to the life of the school will ensure a rich and fulfilling Sixth Form experience.

Sixth Form students are involved in running clubs, helping younger students with their studies and coaching teams. There are opportunities for students to become Senior Officials, Subject Prefects, Form Prefects and take responsibility for Charities, Cultural Issues, Green Council, Sixth Form Liaison as well as Publicity. To become a member of the Sixth Form is to take a very important step. Students are faced with a wide array of choice and new freedoms.

Staff at Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend are highly qualified and dedicated to using their expertise to swiftly engage and motivate students in their chosen courses of study. There is an extensive range of courses on offer within the school. Our Sixth Form curriculum has been developed to maximise choice and to equip students with the qualifications and skills they need to access the next stage of their development, be it Higher/Further Education or employment with training.

We welcome students, both girls and boys from other schools and offer an induction programme that ensures students joining our school feel secure and confident about Sixth Form life at Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend. We hope that you will want to become part of our school community and look forward to welcoming you to our Sixth Form next September.