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Books of the Week 5th June 2023

Wills Library

The Wills Library is open to students and staff every day, from 8am to 4.20pm Monday to Thursday, and 3.50pm on a Friday. Students can use it to find and read books and periodicals, fiction and non-fiction. They can also use the study spaces, computers and printer available to them for their schoolwork. Students are welcome to use the library before their lessons start, at lunch time, and after school. Sixth Form students can use the library as a study space whenever they are not in lessons.

The Wills Library holds a collection of over eight thousand books and periodicals, and it is constantly updated through collection development. The fiction collection is especially well stocked, thanks to a steady flow of suggestions and recommendations from students and staff. The library has recently acquired a growing Manga section, which has proven very popular with the students.

The Wills Library could not function without the team of Student Librarians who work there every day, helping with shelving, processing and issuing books, as well as promoting library initiatives across the student body. The library is also aided by a Library Advisory Board, made up of Student Librarians from different year groups, who advise the Librarian on all aspects of running a successful school library.

A school can be a hectic place, and the Wills Library acts as a calm, welcoming space to work in and relax in silence.


Reading Cloud LinkTo access the schools Library Catalogue please click the Reading Cloud icon or the link below.





Do not forget to use the e-library: https://mgsg.eplatform.co. Simply login via your school account.