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House System

The school House System was introduced to the school in September 2014 as part of the school centenary celebrations. The original names of the 5 Houses were Atholl, Chadwick, Darnley, Lynton and Reekie. In September 2017, a sixth house, Westbrook, was added to accommodate the six forms of entry into Year 7. In September 2021, the school expanded to seven forms of entry into Year 7, with a new house, Penfold, being added.

During each academic year, students are awarded achievement points that accumulate towards three House Cups:

  • The Wood Cup (Merits)
  • The Wills Cup (Community)
  • The Atalanta Cup (Sport)

The rankings within each individual House Cup competition are totalled together and the overall winner is awarded the Aster Trophy.

The current holders of the Aster Trophy are Reekie.

If you would like to find out more about a particular House, please use the links below:

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