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As a school we pride ourselves on ensuring each of our students has access to high quality personalised pastoral care.  Our aim is to ensure that all of our students are happy confident learners who are able to achieve and realise their full potential in all areas of school life and are well equipped for the challenges they will face beyond their school careers.  All our students are well supported by a strong pastoral system to which all members of our community contribute.  Day to day each student is supported by a Form Tutor, whom they see during Tutor Time.  They are your first point of contact should you have any messages or concerns to share.  Each year group is led by a Learning Leader (Year 7 – Mr Gordon, Year 8 – Dr Male, Year 9 – Miss Newman, Year 10 – Mrs Curley, Year 11 – Mr Zanier, Year 12 – Mrs Byatt, Year 13 – Miss Widdison) who is in turn supported by an Assistant Headteacher.  The pastoral team is supported by and students also have access to our Pastoral Support Managers who are available throughout the school day.  Further support within the school is available from teaching staff who are always happy to discuss subject related concerns.

For those students who require additional support we offer a wide ranging Student Mentoring Programme which provides academic, social and emotional support.