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Mayfield Challenge

The Mayfield Challenge is an exciting scheme open to all Year 7 students which runs over 2 years.  During the programme, students have the opportunity to widen and develop their skills beyond the classroom.

Each year consists of 8 sections which encompass a wide range of Adventure, Service and Challenge:

Section 1: Road craft – learn the Highway Code, cycling skills

Section 2: Cookery – research the components of a healthy, balanced diet and prepare a meal

Section 3: Interests – pursue a new interest for 3 months

Section 4: Service – help raise money for charity

Section 5: Shield – research and appreciate other religions and cultures

Section 6: Camp craft – participate in the Y7 camp

Section 7: Rambling – participate in a hike

Section 8: First Aid – achieve a qualification in first aid

The scheme uses learning within the classroom, outside the classroom and beyond.  It develops independent learning skills, promotes teamwork and develops moral and social understanding.